Value Life 2012

Value Life IX on Tuesday 17th July 2012 had three main strands:

- Value Life Carnival Procession
- Value Life Memorial
- Value Life Rally

Value Life Carnival Procession
The carnival procession gave students the opportunity to celebrate life and make their voices heard to the wider community.  The carnival procession was vibrant with colourful costumes, music and a carnival float.  The route started at Gladesmore Community School and finished at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

Value Life Memorial
The aim of the memorial was for students to leave a positive message to the local community.  The memorial symbolised young people’s hopes and aspirations and was placed on the Haringey Council building, 639 Tottenham High Road. 

Value Life Rally
The culmination of the Value Life celebrations consisted of a rally at Tottenham Square, Tottenham Hotspur Football Ground.  The rally was a celebration of life, giving all participants a chance to enjoy good food, amazing performances as well as build on community spirit.